As I write this on July 20, 2017, it is exactly one year since I blacked out, drove through a brick wall, and came out unscathed on the other side. The picture used as the backdrop of the title of my post today is the hole I made in the old Fire Station where we live in Bethany, CT. Every time I look at the picture of the wall, and the pictures of our totaled car, I am overcome with wonder.  How in the world did I survive such a horrible accident?  How did I not break every bone in my body? By God's miraculous grace, I survived. I emerged from the crushed SUV without a scratch.  All I can say is that the accident revealed with clarity that the Lord was not finished with me yet and had more work for me to do. 


As I shared in my March 29 blog post, I have a condition called Transient Epileptic Amnesia, a form of epilepsy.  Doctors diagnosed me with the condition when the ambulance took me to the hospital after I went through the wall that July day last year.  They attached a bunch of electrodes to my head while I slept that night and a machine recorded the brain waves. The diagnosis was that my form of epilepsy causes me to black out with no warning for 10-15 minutes, and then gradually come back into present time.  I have no awareness of it happening; I only know about it from those around me who observe me while it’s taking place.  The cause is unknown, and I am on medications to control it.

Although many of my close friends and family members knew about my accident, it was not exactly public knowledge.  Many people knew I was no longer able to drive but did not know why.  Well, this is the reason.  Why did I feel that it was now time to share this with the world?

One year ago, God saw fit to have me go through a literal brick wall. MIRACULOUSLY, I emerged on the other side, unscathed, to continue to fulfill my mission in the world. If God brought me through that MIRACLE, then surely this year as I face a figurative brick wall, I will again emerge unscathed.

I know it sounds unlikely, perhaps it even seems impossible. Am I insane?  Well, you take another look at the pictures and tell me what you think.  Last year, how was it that no cars or bikers were going north or south on Route 63 at the time I had no control of my vehicle and went down the hill, Peck Road, and crossed it, only to crash into the old Fire House? Route 63 is the main road in Bethany that connects New Haven to the northern towns of Woodbridge, Bethany, and Naugatuck.  I was on my way to pick up my son from a Steel Drum music camp he was attending in downtown New Haven.  How was it that this blackout occurred without him in the car, instead of after my having picked him up?  How was it that I broke or sprained no bones, strained no muscles, or received any cuts or bruises?  How is it that no one was injured in this accident? I don’t know what you think, but my answer is clear – divine intervention. 

Now, a year after my accident, I face a new brick wall. My cancer has significantly progressed, and I began my new chemotherapy treatment last Friday. I haven’t come through it yet; I am pressed up against it hard, and it doesn’t feel good.  Nevertheless, as I think back on last year’s accident and visualize coming out the other side of the wall, I believe if I did it then, I can and will do it again.  My faith is not grounded in logic or common sense, no, it is firmly rooted in the supernatural.  Yes, modern medicine has its place, and I want to give it its due.  But there are times when one must realize what who or what divine force is responsible for what occurrence.  I am there right now.

Paulette, Derrick, and Amari

My amazing one and only brother Derrick came up again from Baltimore to be with me for a few days, and he is taking me to my next chemotherapy treatment today. He’s been an incredible source of support and has also enjoyed spending time with his nephew.  Although I can’t say I’m excited to go to my next treatment, I do look forward to continuing to take each step as it comes, slowly but surely, so that I can remain on the journey on this side of creation.


As I mentioned in my last post, these are harder days than ever; this is the toughest phase I’ve ever gone through on my cancer healing journey.  But I haven’t given up yet; I am still journeying.  Please walk, dance, bike, jump, skip, pray, and sing alongside me as you accompany me to my next destination – the other side of that brick wall.  Thank you all, and I love each of you. God bless you!